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Why Choose Us?

The beauty of choosing a hog roast from Hog Roast Stockport is that you’re able, with one telephone call, to us to make a good impression on your guests and offer them a thoughtful and delicious alternative to traditional catering.

If you need any more convincing, the following are four reasons why a call to Hog Roast Stockport is the best move you’ll make for event catering:

The Highest Quality

At Hog Roast Stockport, we believe that it’s the quality of our “raw products” which ensure the quality of the hog roasts we provide, and as a result we take the greatest of care in sourcing all of our equipment and meats.

We use the finest farmers in our native Stockport and only accept free range pigs who have been well-reared and treated. In addition, we use prime ingredients from local bakers and farmers to create our bread rolls and apple sauce.

For our customers, this means that they can be assured of hog roasts of the highest quality.

The Widest Choice

We aim at all times to give you an exceptional choice. We believe that every customer is different and as a result we put together bespoke catering packages to suit you and your guests. We’re happy at all times to discuss your needs and put together a solution.

Extensive Experience

Every single member of the team at Hog Roast Stockport has extensive experience within catering and has been fully trained not only in their catering skills but also in their customer and presentation skills – giving you and your guests the best possible experience every time.

Furthermore, they’re also dedicated to the highest standards of hygiene and health and safety, meaning that you can entrust the food and service of your guests and yourself to us, without having a single worry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our wide experience and expert knowledge in hog roasting means that no matter who your guests are or the nature of your event, you’ll be assured the finest experience and the finest service.

In short, a call to Hog Roast Stockport means guaranteed satisfaction.