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Hog Roast Machine Hire

During our many years’ experience in the catering industry, we’ve learned that people love hog roasts for three reasons.

Firstly their guests are delighted to be offered something a little different than the traditional buffet option – especially if they manage to keep the hog roast a secret and therefore have the surprise as well as the novelty value.

Secondly, their guests love the taste of freshly cooked hog roast. Simply put, a hog roast is the freshest, most tender meat which melts in the mouth and when served in the freshest bread rolls with tangy apple sauce make the perfect hot food which guests of any occasion or celebration will adore.

Thirdly, the hog roast is a visual feast as well as one for the taste bud. The sight and smell of the roasting pork provides a stunning backdrop to any event and our hog roasting machines not only provide the best tasting meat but also look amazing in any setting.

As a result of these three discoveries, Hog Roast Stockport is delighted to offer a number of hiring options to our customers.  All of these options are aimed to provide you with the perfect solution to your catering requirements. However, if you would like to discuss a bespoke solution, please contact our friendly team to talk about your needs.

The Full Service

This is the perfect option for those who want a full service they don’t need to worry about and includes delivery and provision of all roasting equipment and the hog itself. We’ll then cook and serve the hog roast to your guests, provide all cutlery and plates and once your guests are all full we’ll clear away all rubbish and leave you to enjoy your party.

This is the ideal package for a wedding or an event where you want to spend as much time with your guests as possible and as little time worrying about your catering. In short, we’ll take care of everything.

Machine Hire

We also offer machine hire for those who want to “show off” and present their guests with a hog roast they themselves prepared. We’ll deliver the machine, and the hog if required, together with all the power you need and ensure that you can prepare the finest hog roast in all the land!